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Half-Pint: Moo Shu Verified

millionaire shortbread ice cream

Here at Moo Shu, we know genius when we see it. When business daddy Elon makes a big move, it’s hard not be inspired and follow suit. Now introducing Moo Shu Verified! Get your own blue checkmark badge as official verification from us that you once had $8.

Each badge is built with special treatment in mind. Inspired by millionaire shortbread, we layer chocolate ice cream, rich caramel, sweet cream ice cream, and a handcrafted blue checkmark cookie topper.

Get verified now! Anyone can! What better way to manipulate public trust previously reserved for public figures and institutions! Impersonate Doug Ford or tank a few stocks. Power to the people indeed! (The “people” being the $8-having people that are therefore definitely not bots or trolls.)

allergens: dairy, chocolate, vanilla extract, wheat flour (gluten)