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Pint: Hawaiian Vanilla Bean

While the world considers vanilla an essential ice cream flavour, we've always wondered whether it was worth the ecological and ethical consequences when there are so many other flavours to enjoy. Over the years, we've stuck to our no plain vanilla rule until now. Earlier this year, we got to know Saili Levi and his small-scale family run vanilla farm in Oahu, Hawaii. We related to his stories of how he started Laie Vanilla Farm and his quest to build a sustainable family business as one of the first vanilla growers in Hawaii. See our Instagram highlight to learn more!

Saili's vanilla beans are picked when riped so the flavour is more developed and complex than other vanilla beans available on the market. In terms of terroir, Hawaiian vanilla beans are heady and floral, closer to Tahitian beans as opposed to spicier beans from Mexico or "raisin-y" beans from Madagascar. 

allergens: dairy