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Bday Cup: House Targaryen

July is our birthday month and we are releasing 5oz cups of some of our customer and staff favourites.

Created in 2019 at the height of Game of Thrones popularity, this ice cream was inspired by House Targaryen. Targaryens have a mythic status in Westoros. They're icons of exotic beauty and culture, but their dragons and vicious tempers also make them dangerous and feared. This is a Lychee & Black Peppercorn ice cream. Lychees have long been considered symbols of beauty in the East but are deadly to humans if eaten before ripe. Whole black peppercorns are steeped in milk & sugar for a caramel flavour that builds to a subtle choking spice. All together, it's creamy, fruity, and romantic, with a hint of something nefarious. With House of Dragons back on TV, it's also a fitting time to re-release this flavour!

allergens: dairy

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