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Pint: The Cowherd & The Weaver Girl

caramel chocolate & milk bread marble 

Lunar New Year often lands close to Valentine's Day, so we were inspired to combine the two and do a series on Chinese stories and symbols of love! We chose four romantic tales in Chinese folklore that also represent four different manifestations of romantic love.

The Cowherd & The Weaver Girl:
This is the story of Chinese Valentine’s day which happens in late summer, also known as Qixi festival. A mortal cowherd meets the daughter of the goddess of heaven, whose job is to weave the clouds in the sky. They fall in love and have a family. When the goddess finds out, she takes the weaver girl back. The cowherd and their children fly to the heavens to find his wife, but the goddess of heaven creates the Milky Way, a river in the sky to keep them apart. Moved by the tears of the separated family, she permits them to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month, when magpies would gather to form a bridge across the Milky Way. This story is used to explain the placement of certain celestial bodies observed around the Milky Way in late summer.

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they are separated, then reunited. This classic but tropey love story inspired us to used some classic flavours. Caramelly chocolate ice cream is inspired by the Milky Way chocolate bar, while milk bread ice cream references qiao bing, a pastry prepared for QiXi festival. Milky white ice cream marbled against milk chocolate is another nod to the Milky Way.

allergens: dairy, chocolate (made without gluten)