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Pint: Hinamatsuri

March 3rd is Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girl's Day) a day to pray for health, happiness, and growth for girls. It's popular to eat a tri-colour sticky rice treat called "sanshoku dango" for the occasion. Sanshoku dango is famous enough to have it's own emoji! Inspired by this positive celebration of young women, we created a marbled pink, green, and white Hinamatsuri ice cream! Tofu ice cream is creamy with a grassy fresh flavour. Mugwort ice cream is made with ground mugwort leaf and tastes like matcha's herby, slightly menthol, and earthy cousin. And strawberry ice cream is fun and fruity. Marbled together, it's an ice cream that captures the optimism we hope to take into Spring and adulthood.

allergens: dairy, tofu (soy)