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Pint: *Vegan Osmanthus & Peach

vegan osmanthus ice cream with peach caramel

Previously called Lucky Peach, we make this auspicious ice cream every Mid-Autumn Festival! It is an osmanthus blossom ice cream with a swirl of dark peach caramel. Osmanthus are also called Chinese olive blossoms and taste like a cross of apricot and elderflower. This ingredient is closely connected to Mid-Autumn Fest because in Chinese lunar legends, a giant osmanthus tree grows on the moon! It's with this osmanthus that the Jade Rabbit makes immortality elixir for the gods. Peaches in Chinese culture also represent vitality and longevity. You'll find osmanthus and peaches in various Chinese banquet-style dishes for this reason.

contains oat, coconut milk, sunflower oil, peach, pineapple, osmanthus blossom, vegan butter (palm oil, canola oil, natural flavout, vitamin A & D, natural beta carotene)