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Pint: *Vegan Taiwanese Tiger Tail

Ever wish Moo Shu would make more classics? This series, we are are making ice cream parlour favourites but with a Moo Shu Twist!

Our take on Tiger Tail takes inspiration from Taiwainese cuisine! We make a mango-pineapple ice cream (instead of orange) and add a salted plum & licorice jam swirl (instead of a black licorice swirl). The jam is made to taste like Chinese "Hua Mui", plums are cured with licorice, salt, and sugar. Old gen immigrants to North America will more likely know the plums as "Li Hing Mui". The licorice root will be much more subtle than in a black licorice swirl, adding only a gentle note to the pronounced sour-salty-sweet flavour of the plum.

made with oat, sunflower seed, and coconut milk. Naturally coloured with beet and charcoal.