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Pint: *Vegan The Mirror & The Lychee

vegan lychee & rose with raspberry jam

Lunar New Year often lands close to Valentine's Day, so we were inspired to combine the two and do a series on Chinese stories and symbols of love! We chose three romantic tales in Chinese folklore that also represent three different manifestations of romantic love.

The Mirror & The Lychee:
A man meets a beautiful woman and is enamoured. Later, he sees her again in a window when he happens to walk by her home and look upwards.  She throws him some lychees wrapped in a handkerchief as a symbol of her love. Instead of leaving, he enters the household as a servant to polish mirrors. The woman was already arranged to marry another man, so the night before the wedding they escape and elope. They are captured and sent back and the city official banishes the man. On his way out of the city he meets his brother who was also an official. The man is released and the city official is banished instead. The couple are reunited as husband and wife.

Wafting aromas of rose evoke romance, while fruit flavours are juicy and bursting with intensity, much like young and impulsive love. Lychee is a classic Chinese symbol of love, popularized by this folk tale and by the favoured Tang Dynasty concubine Yang Guifei. This trio of flavours is iconic to Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s signature creation "The Ispahan" dessert.

allergens: rice milk, coconut, citrus, pineapple