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Culture Kombucha: Yun Luo Chun

After almost 5 years of friendship, Moo Shu and Culture Kombucha finally got together to brew a collab kombucha with Chinese tea culture in mind. 

We selected a single-origin Chinese green tea called “Yun Luo Chun” for this brew. “Yun” is for the Yun Nan province where this tea is grown. “Luo” is for the snail shape that the tea leaves are rolled into. And “Chun” is for the spring season when the tea is harvested.

This kombucha has all the fruity floral notes and grassy flavours you can expect from Yun Luo Chun. The tart & fermented flavour brings out tropical fruit notes in the tea, the fine carbonation carries rich aroma upwards to the nose, and green tea tannins on the finish balance the subtle sweetness of the kombucha.

limit 6 per customer.

Filtered water, kombucha culture, cane sugar*, grean tea. (*Certified Organic).