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Jambican Gardens: Mizuna

Our friends Colin and Kumiko grow beautiful veggies at their farm Jambican Studio Gardens in Manotick. These days, they are avoiding markets to keep their inter-generational household safe. So we are giving them a hand, selling their produce at our store on the weekends. We picked our favourite Asian greens and veggies to share with you!

Also known as Japanese mustard greens, mizuna are a lovely addition to any salad! It is used and tastes a lot like arugula but more sweet and tender, but a tad less spicy. Part of the brassica family, they also hold up to heat. Add mizuna to the top of any cooked dish for a splash of colour and healthy greens! Miso soup, stir fry, pizza, pasta, these greens are very versatile.

Learn more about Jambican Studio Gardens via their website. Veggies are only available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for now.