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Kamosu Miso: Yuzu & Leek

250mL jar of artisanal miso made by our friend Etsuko Inoue in La Pêche, Quebec. This miso is her brown rice miso mixed with locally-grown organic leeks, a hint of local maple syrup and yuzu powder. It is mild and sweet with the refreshing aroma of yuzu. It is good for dips and grilling. For best flavour, enjoy within 6 months of purchase.

Kamosu Miso is made in small batches with organic ingredients and traditional methods. Depending on the product, it is fermented for 1 - 3 years. Keep Refridgerated.

brown rice miso (brown rice, soy beans, sea salt, water, culture), leeks, sesame oil, yuzu powder, maple syrup