We do not claim to be zero trace of any allergen due to our small kitchen.

In our current ice creams, possible allergens are:

Black Sesame - Egg, Sesame

Froot Loops Cereal Milk - Gluten

Chocolate & Port - Alcohol

Hojicha & Milk Tart - Egg, Gluten

Note: All of our vegan ice cream bases are made with navy bean milk, coconut milk and cocoa butter. An exception is our vegan chocolate which is made with coconut oil instead of cocoa butter

On an average day in Moo Shu the risk level for allergens are as follows:

All of our ice cream contains trace amounts of beans, alcohol and tapioca

High Risk

We always have black sesame ice cream which contains sesame oil which is difficult to isolate.

We always use flax seed in our waffle cones.

We always use corn starch in our waffle cones

We always use coconut oil in our cones, our vegan ice cream and our chocolate drizzle.

Moderate Risk

We sometimes use soy and nuts in our ice cream flavours

We always have Froot Loops ice cream which contains gluten . We generally do not use gluten in our flavours other than this.

We generally do not use egg in our ice cream bases or flavours except for Black Sesame.

Low Risk

We never make peanut ice cream or toppings but we do not source from peanut-free facilities and we do not prohibit employees from bringing it onto the premise.

Pints are lower risk than truffles, pies, cakes and sandwiches since they are packed straight out of the churning machine and do not come into contact with scoops.