2017 Mattacat T-Shirt

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Wondering how you can shop local and be stylin' this holiday season? We have a solution! Five local artists have collaborated with Moo Shu to create original t-shirt designs screen printed locally by Troublemaker Printing. Now it's acceptable to wear your ice cream.

"Like Lucky Cats, Laughing Buddhas are also often found adorning local Chinese small businesses welcoming in good fortune. My design rhymes with Moo Shu’s branding, channeling whimsy and childhood cartoon nostalgia while upholding the simple bliss of enjoying ice cream over a wealth of gold or money." - Matt Clement, Designer aka Mattacat

Available in sizes XS-XXL in Alstyle crew-neck.

Stock is currently limited but more are on the way. Please email us at merch@mooshuicecream.com to reserve a shirt! 

This variant is currently sold out

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