2017 Quinn Riding T-Shirt


Wondering how you can shop local and be stylin' this holiday season? We have a solution! Five local artists have collaborated with Moo Shu to create original t-shirt designs screen printed locally by Troublemaker Printing. Now it's acceptable to wear your ice cream.

"Moo Shu Ice Cream, the service is always impeccable and incredibly fast. I tried to take that idea of fast service and distill it into a design. The idea that really stuck with me and made me laugh was an octopus serving ice-cream. Now I'm not saying that Liz and her staff have eight arms but there are some days it feels like it." - Quinn Riding, Designer

Available in sizes XS-XXL in Alstyle crew-neck.

Stock is currently limited but more are on the way. Please email us at merch@mooshuicecream.com to reserve a shirt! 

This variant is currently sold out

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