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Biemonds: Organic Yoghurt 750mL

A 750mL tub of organic and grass-fed yoghurt from our friends, the Biemond family. Upper Canada Creamery is located in Iroquois Ontario, one hour South of Ottawa. Last year, we had the pleasure of visiting Josh and Ellen at their dairy farm. We learned that they practice a form of regenerative agriculture and invest much of their efforts in soil health.

Josh first became interested in soil health when he noticed the decline of their crops. More and more weeds were growing and crop yield was decreasing, and the quality of their crop was worsening. He went on to study with a Doctor of Soil Science in the USA for 9 years. There, he learned that soil is so much more than chemistry. It's a complex system that needs consideration in terms of biology and physics as well. 

In the present, Josh measures soil microbiome once a month and calibrates to healthy equilibrium with organic additions. They only keep 60 cows on 400 acres of land in contrast to the industry standard to 1 cow per acre. Their cows graze on a Tumble Wheel Grazing or Rotational Grazing system. Cows are only grass fed and they even cut the grass at a specific time to ensure that the nutrients are focused in the stems instead of the roots.

Their mission is to create an environment on the farm that fosters nutrient dense growing conditions and sound management practices.

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