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Pint: *Vegan-ish Yuzu & Castella

Vegan-ish Japanese Citrus and Honey Cake

What do we mean by "vegan-ish"? This ice cream is made with vegan ingredients with the exception of local honey from our friends at Blue Shoes Honey. If you are vegan-ish yourself, dairy-free, or "bee-gan", this ice cream is ok for you to eat!

Yuzu (or yuja in Korean) is a distinctly flavoured citrus fruit that tastes like a combo of lemon and mandarin orange. Set in a creamy oat & coconut milk base, we also add chunks of homemade castella, a fluffy honey cake also popular in Japan! We think of this flavour as a Japanese twist on the classic honey & lemon combo.

made with sunflower seed, oat, coconut milk, flax, gluten and honey