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Sweater: Mlem w/ Chelsea Li (S,M)

The internet loves its pets and you'll often find the word "mlem" accompanying pictures of adorable cats and dogs licking their lips likely in anticipation of a yummy treat. The internet-famous word "mlem" is a cute onomatopoeic imitation of that licking action! But well before internet lingo came to be, the Cantonese language has long used the word "mlem" as its word for lick! 

Designed in collaboration with Ottawa-based illustrator, Chelsea Li, this sweater features a left chest emblem of , the Chinese character for "mlem" in Cantonese. The central illustration is of a cat with its mlem face, eager for a lick of Moo Shu ice cream sitting just out of reach. 

This sweater celebrates playful onomatopoeia that is common in the Cantonese language. Our language is full of joy, and as native speakers we hope to share that spirit with non-speakers as well!



The design is embroidered on a pink crewneck sweater. A Moo Shu branded clip tag is applied on the bottom hem at the right hip. 

• Sizes: Unisex S - 3XL (currently available in S and M)
• Sweater Fabric: 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester
• Colour: Black & White on Pink