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Kitto Katsu: Matcha and Strawberry

This holiday season we're introducing Kitto Katsu boxes! Kit Kats are popular for gifting in Japan due to the name sounding similar to "きっと勝つ" ("kitto katsu") which is an expression for good luck (direct translation: "surely win"). Japan is known for unique kit kat flavours and gift boxes which have also become popular in other East Asian countries and communities! You may have seen interesting flavours like matcha, sweet potato, apple, sakura etc... in Asian grocery stores and specialty shops.

Since learning about Nestlé's predatory and exploitative business practices, some of us Mooshies have tried our best to avoid buying Nestlé products. This means the only way we can enjoy kit kats again is to make them ourselves! Each box contains two flavours of ice cream kit kats and the inside crispy wafer is made with rice so they are gluten-free!

This box contains:
  • 3x matcha green tea: matcha ice cream dipped in matcha white chocolate
  • 3x local strawberry: strawberry ice cream dipped in strawberry white chocolate

allergens: dairy, chocolate, coconut, rice, soy lecithin, made without gluten