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La Brasserie San-Ô: Koji Rice (500g)

La Brasserie San-Ô is a koji products producer in Montreal led by husband and wife Noriko & Yota.

Koji is made with cooked rice inoculated with a harmless and safe-to-eat fungus called "aspergillus oryzae" and is used to ferment and marinade traditional Japanese foods like miso, sake, soy sauce, and more. Koji produces amylase and protease which breaks down complex carbs and proteins respectively. Breaking down carbs makes simple sugars available for fermentation. Breaking down protein into amino acids creates more tender protein and more umami flavour.

Koji Rice (500g) 
is inoculated rice granules vacuum sealed and needs to be activated. Because it's not activated yet, this is for those with an intention to control start their own fermentations. Activation requires the temperature and time control. Available in three kinds:

  • Regular: when activates, will produce a balance of amylase & protease. good for sake or general all-purpose
  • For Miso: will produce a higher quantity of protease which breaks down protein, ideal for miso or meat marinades
  • For Amazake: will produce a higher quantity of amylase which breaks down carbs, ideal for making amazake (a sweet drink)

contains: rice, water, aspergillus oryzae

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