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Half-Pint: Mooncake at Midnight

Mid-Autumn Festival is special at Moo Shu! If you've never heard of it, think of it like a moon-centric Chinese Thanksgiving full of food, family, and lore! This time of year, mooncakes are as essential as pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. They are named for the salt-cured duck egg yolk that sits inside and represents the full moon. Mooncake at Midnight is our take on mooncake! Charcoal caramel ice cream surrounds the star of the show: a Cantonese-style salty gooey duck egg custard! Available in half-pint size (8oz) only.

Note: Consuming activated charcoal at the same time as medication may interfere with medication absorption. For your consideration, each cup contains less than 1.5g of activated charcoal.

Allergens: dairy, coconut, black sesame, egg, soy lecithin, cocoa butter, canola, corn starch