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Pint: Beer-muda Triangle

soursop, pineapple, and Dominion City Sunsplit IPA frozen yoghurt

Our scoop theme for June is Bob’s Burgers Inspired Puns! Our favourite TV dad, Bob from Bob’s Burgers, is known for his punny burger of the day names! Our June series turns punny ice cream names into reality! Like a good dad joke, these names will make you laugh-cringe.

A triangle has three sides and the three that make our Beer-muda Triangle frozen yoghurt is pineapple, soursop, and of course beer! Soursop is a tropical fruit native to South America, that's loved for its distinct crisp flavour. We think it tastes kind of like an earthy apple with a mix of banana. To amplify the tropical fruit flavour of soursop and pineapple, we chose the Sunsplit IPA made by our friends at Dominion City Brewing Co for its bursting tropical hops flavour. This refreshing frozen yoghurt then rounds out with a creamy malty body and bitter hops finish.

Our frozen yoghurts are made with pressed greek-style yoghurt with a little milk. Containing less lactose than our regular ice creams, this is an option for lactose-sensitive friends who still want dairy but are looking for something gentle on the stomach.

allergens: dairy, soursop, pineapple, citrus, beer (hops, alcohol, gluten)