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Pint: Brown Sugar & Pineapple Cake

brown sugar ice cream with chunks of Taiwanese pineapple cake.

Pineapple cake is a Taiwanese pastry made with a buttery shortcrust (think shortbread) and a rich pineapple jam filling. While the many varieties of mooncake are considered the iconic pastry that is served during Mid-Autumn Festival, we wanted to draw attention the traditions of other Chinese diaspora. In Taiwan, pineapple cakes are often served and gifted during Mid-Autumn Festival. Baked in a rectangular brick shape until golden, they look like gold ingots that signify a wish for wealth. Fun fact: Pineapple is regarded as "Phoenix pear" in Chinese.

contains: dairy, wheat gluten, egg, pineapple, cream cheese (carrageenan, carob bean gum), cinnamon