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Pint: French Onion Scoop

gruyere ice cream with thyme-seasoned caramelized onions

Our culinary team is very proud of this one. We know this one is a bit out there, but if you take the leap we think they will be pleasantly surprised. It's not often we come out with truly savoury ice creams. This ice cream has all the components of the french onion soup, except the beef broth and the bread.

Consider that gruyere cheese ice cream is just a more adventurous take on cheesecake ice cream. Brown sugar sweetened and caramelized onions is a more adventurous take on salted caramel. Thyme adds warm woodsy aromatics that round out the whole flavour experience. Give it a try! You find more familiarity in this ice cream than you might have thought possible.

Contains: dairy, gruyere cheese, onions, thyme, canola oil