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Pint: *Vegan Fig'ettabout It

vegan fig ice cream with spiced granola

For Father's Day we are reimagining some Bob's Burger puns as feature ice creams rather than burgers-of-the-day. Some flavours we've used before (no one laughed so we do it again until they do, like a good dad joke) and some are new!

This vegan ice cream is a creamy fig ice cream with a crunchy pumpkin seed granola. Oats and pumpkin seeds are lightly spiced and coated in maple syrup to accent the jammy red fruit flavour of figs. The granola is baked until golden and toasty. and then folded into the delicately fruity ice cream.

Allergens: oat, coconut, sunflower, pumpkin seed, cinnamon, allspice, corn syrup, maple syrup.