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Pint: *Vegan SLEEP

Vegan "Honey", Lemon, and Chamomile

The honey flavour in this vegan ice cream is made with apple cider and red clover. We add lemon and aromatic chamomile to make a comforting ice cream that will put you at ease and in a sleepy mood. Sleep seems to be the easiest thing in life to compromise. The effects of sacrificing sleep build up slowly but surely, so let’s say no to feeling guilty about prioritizing rest! Each ingredient alone is commonly known to be calming and comforting, together they might just put you to sleep.. zzzzzzzzzzzz….

Our Women's Day ice cream flavours have come back every year around this time since 2019. Inspired by the theme of Radical Self Care, we use these flavours to help us address that women are often raised to be deferential, to be the caretakers, and to put others first. Many of us feel guilt when we assert our boundaries and choose to be "selfish". These ice creams are named after things that we are encouraging folks to partake in as a form of self-preservation and resistance.

made with sunflower seed, sticky rice milk, coconut milk, chamomile, clover, apple, pineapple, canola oil, vanilla