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Pint: Xiāng Sī

purple rice ice cream with sweetened red beans

Lunar New Year often lands close to Valentine's Day, so we were inspired to combine the two and do a series on Chinese stories and symbols of love! We chose four romantic tales in Chinese folklore that also represent four different manifestations of romantic love.

Xiāng Sī:
Roughly translated as "missing each other", Xiāng Sī is a famous poem by the Tang poet Wang Wei. It uses the image of growing red beans to represent the growing feelings of yearning between two separated people. Red beans is a common Chinese symbol for missing a loved one. There is a legend of a woman whose husband was sent to war and was killed in battle. Every day she would sit and cry, and eventually her tears turned to blood. These blood tears hardened and became red beans, and a red bean tree grew from her grave when she died from being lovesick.

This ice cream has a beautiful colour and dreamy fragrance from purple rice, and sweet nutty red beans that have a "chocolate chip"-like texture. To tell a love story of yearning and thinking of someone for a long time, we're using mellow but persistent aromas. Both ingredients are cooked on a slow simmer to achieve the right texture, and both are common dessert flavours for Chinese New Year.

allergens: dairy, rice