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Pint: The Butterfly Lovers

longjing green tea tiramisu

Lunar New Year often lands close to Valentine's Day, so we were inspired to combine the two and do a series on Chinese stories and symbols of love! We chose four romantic tales in Chinese folklore that also represent four different manifestations of romantic love.

The Butterfly Lovers:
A tragic love story, often compared to Romeo and Juliet but with modern interpretations of queer themes. A daughter of a wealthy family dresses as man in order to go to school. There, she becomes sworn brothers with another pupil and eventually falls in love with him. She invites him to visit her home and meet her “sister” (herself, as a woman) for matchmaking. When her crush discovers she is a woman, they vow to be together. The boy dies of a broken heart after they find out she is arranged to be married to another man. Along the way of her bridal procession, a storm prevents them from passing beyond the grave of her lover. She visits the grave, weeping and begging for the grave to open up so that she could join her lover. It opens and she throws herself inside. Their spirits fly out in the form of two butterflies that would never be separated.

Longjing green tea scented marscapone ice cream with green tea ladyfingers that are homemade and gluten-free. This combo is a tribute to the respective settings of Romeo & Juliet and The Butterfly Lovers. The Veneto region of Italy is where tiramisu is said to have been invented, and Zhejiang province in China is famous for Longjing tea (aka Dragonwell tea). This tragic love story is bittersweet just like this green tea. The tea's lightly sweet aromas and creamy mouthfeel pairs especially well with cheese, like marscapone in this case.

allergens: dairy, egg, made without gluten