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*Vegan Dumplings: XO Tomato

Thirty frozen dumplings made by our crew. We are so excited to share our newest recipe with you! Vegetarian and vegan friends, no more loose vegetables in a pocket. These dumplings are super hearty! We make our own meat-like seitan and tofu filling with tons of aromatics, woodear mushroom, and our homemade XO sauce. XO sauce is a famous sauce from Hong Kong, usually made with dried seafood cooked with garlic, onions, and chili. It has a bit of spice but it's mainly used as an umami bomb. Our XO sauce is made with sundried tomatoes, shredded shiitake stems, and woodear mushroom instead of seafood but the same aromatics (garlic, onions, chili). 

Add paper cooking instructions to your order here, or access the instructions online via this link.

major allergens: soy, wheat gluten, sesame, cornstarch

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