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**Suspended Scoop Donation

Buy a neighbour a scoop of ice cream!

In February 2022, Moo Shu Ice Cream was certified as a living wage employer at the highest level by the Ontario Living Wage Network. This decision came about after an honest and critical look at our company and at the precarious state of the food service industry. Raising wages necessitated raising our prices, something we had hesitated to do in the past so that we could keep our prices as inclusive as possible.

While the affordability issue is real, we realize that the solution was not to suppress wages at the expense of workers in a relatively low-wage industry. Instead, we launched a suspended scoop program where anyone can claim free scoops or pay scoops forward with no questions asked.

As of April 2024, more than 3100 scoops (and bubble waffles) have been given to our neighbours through our suspended scoop program. It is all thanks to the generous donations of our customers that we can continue to be facilitators of community care!

(PS. if you'd like to learn more about the complex issues around pricing and labour in the food industry we highly recommend "The Last Supper" by Canadian Journalist, Corey Mintz.)