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The Box of Life: Worm Castings (1L)

These worm castings (also known as worm poop or vermicompost) are harvested from The Box of Life's network of vermicomposters in the city. Moo Shu is a part of this network! Our food scraps get turned in this powerful soil conditioner for your houseplants and garden. We recommend using 2 tablespoons per medium size pot (6") and 1 cup per sqft of your garden. 

Heads up that the lids are not screwed on tightly so that the microbes are able to breathe.

You can use these castings in several ways including:

💪 Top dressing your plants to add a nutrient and microbial boost

☕ Make some compost tea for your plants by soaking a handful of castings in 2L of water and stirring occasionally for 24 hours. Use this tea to water your plants, or root your cuttings directly in the tea.

🌱 Create your own potting mix by adding 20% of worm castings to soil

Using castings on your plants/seedlings will show these benefits

  1. Seeds will germinate faster
  2. Larger + tougher roots
  3. Higher yield
  4. Better flavour profile
  5. More leaves, larger leaves, higher chlorophyll content
  6. Increased disease resistance

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