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Workshop: K-Beauty Starter Guide (2hrs)

 Location: Moo Shu Ice Cream - Production Kitchen (464 Bank St - LL2)
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TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, even Moo Shu! Everywhere you look, people are talking about Korean skincare products. That's because K-Beauty is spilling into the North American mainstream and for good reason: (1) K-beauty products tend to be much more affordable than western comparables. (2) The speed and range of innovation in Korea has also greatly outpaced us here.

The question we get asked most often is "Where do I start?". 

In this 2-hr workshop, we will teach you the basics of skin and Korean skincare methodology, and walk you through an approachable & intuitive framework to develop your own skincare routine. Included are tips on how to evaluate what products are right for you, and how to troubleshoot new products as you add them to your repertoire. To put theory into practice, we'll test K-beauty products together with Liz (owner of Moo Shu) as your guide.

Is this workshop for you?

  • YES, if you are interested in building a skincare routine but don't know where/how to start. You’re cautious about irritating your skin and the info you've found is overwhelming. And/or you have a healthy skepticism towards brand and influencer claims.
  • YES, if you have a loose routine, but feel like you could benefit from more structured guidance. Right now you feel like you're trying products here and there based on recommendations from social media or friends/family.
  • YES, if you have skin! Despite how it’s marketed, skincare is not gendered and K-beauty is not just for Asian skin. This workshop is helpful for teens to older adults, all races and genders.
  • NO, if you have a severe skin condition that only a dermatologist can resolve.

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